Roleplay Guide

In order to begin roleplaying, you need to know the differences between "Locational Roleplaying" and "Private Roleplaying". Please note that you must follow the Roleplaying Policy when roleplaying locationally and privately. 

What is Locational Roleplaying?-

Locational Roleplay is a user uses a Word Bubble and posts a response on a location. An example of an location is the Salle à Manger, which is the most popular location to roleplay in on our wikia. Word Bubbles can be achieved by following this tutorial . Archived roleplays are an accumulation of past roleplays from previous users. To start roleplaying, post your word bubble under the "Roleplay-" section. 

What is Private Roleplaying?-

Private Roleplaying is basically the same as Locational Roleplaying, except it limits the characters to a certain number. They can only be edited by the users who's characters are included in the roleplay. Once again, we use word bubbles to roleplay. They can achieved by following this tutorial. Previous Private Roleplays are archived at the roleplay forum . To begin, simply fill out the form and post a word bubble.