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Anna de Fleur Paix Club
-Paix Cadet

 – March 4, 2013

Je dois avoir égaré la carte. Je suis sûr et certain qu'il pourrait être à la cafétéria. Ou peut-être que c'était la classe de Potions. S'il vous plaît aidez-moi à le trouver!


Marina Ev

Marina Everette Epedor
-Prefect of the Epedor House

 – March 4, 2013

Oh Anne! How could you have lost the map! It will destroy the Paix club and definitely, Headmistress Maxime will have a fit! I shall help you find it!


Music Melody -Flying Friodent/4th Year

 – I wish I was welcome, If im not I dont care

Celestine 2

Célestine 6th Year, Friodent • Beauxbatons's Ice Princess
-"My name is Célestine Guinevere Prouvaire, think you're better than me? Well, chérie, you're sadly mistaken."

 – 09:40, March 23, 2013 (UTC)

"Merde, Anna." she says, rolling her eyes exasperatedly. "You lost le carte? I will help, of course. But only because I know Madam Maxime will surely expel your poor soul the moment she finds out. You're heureux I agreed to this."

Santana • 4th Year • Friodent – Child of People.
– -Looks like a girl, but she's a flame. So bright, she can burn your eyes, better look the other way. You can try but you'll never forget her name.

 – Other cities always make me mad. No other city ever made me glad, except New York, New York.

Of course I'll help you! But I better get algo in return from Anna. Or else. O BIEN TE TERMINA, ANNA!