Miranda Dawn

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Miranda Dawn is a first year at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.


Miranda has a wild and crazy personality. She laughs a lot having her own unique sense of humor. She always manages to make people laugh. She doesn't react "well" to bad situations. She's used to getting what she wants. She doesn't care what is right and what is wrong and will do whatever she wants. In the Gif File below she is laughing hysterically after she hit a "nerd" with a snow ball.

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Miranda Zinnia Dawn was born to a singer, Emily Dawn and a director, Austin Dawn. Miranda was a millionaire with all her money. When she was 7 she started going to private schools. She kept changing at least twice each year due to many things such as explosions or fights. When she was 10 she showed that she had magical powers. Her mother, Emily wasn't surprised since she was a squib. Later that year she became a child model for Forever 15. When she was 11 she got a letter from Beauxbatons and was disappointed since she never wanted to be a witch in the first place. She went anyway and hated it there. She hated the uniforms, the teachers, and even all the students. She would never fit in due to her wild and crazy personality. She is now a fifth year hoping the year will be better.

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===David Rossarie===David Rossarie is Miranda's boyfriend. David is very smart and kind. Their relationship is known as Miravid or Davanda. Their relationship is perfect for the term "opposites attract". Miranda likes David because he always sticks by her side and doesn't mind her personality. David likes Miranda because she is independent unlike the other girls her dated.</span>===Emily Dawn===Miranda loves her mother very much. Emily helps Miranda cope with social problems and encourages her to be unique. Emily doesn't mind when Miranda gets kicked out of school or haves wild parties.==Appearance==

Miranda has long brown hair. She has bright chocolate brown eyes. She is 5'6. 

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Miranda Friodent, First Year
-"I always keep you waiting. I'm on Miranda time. I know the promoters. I never wait in line."

"I dedicate this song to everyone name ME."