Collette "Alex"Alexandrine

This character belongs to: Jay Sea

Basic Info
Full Name Collette "Alex" Alexandrine
Born November 4th, 1996
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Species Witch
Sexuality Lesbian
Status Alive


Collette has had an obsession with swords since her parents were killed by a person with one. She's taught herself how to fight with a sword and even has one, and ancient-style Chinese jian (very sharp). And, because she ran away from her grandparents' home when she was six, she has had to use it. The funny thing is, though, that when she's in trouble, her sword erupts in black flames.

But after four years, she was forced into an orphanage she hated. She spent one year there, until a nice man came and adopted her. Little did she know he was a wizard.

This man saw her potential as a witch and, after taking her to get a wand, took her in and trained her in magic. Being a naturally fast learner, Collette advanced to some pretty difficult spells really fast.

But the man was hiding something from her. After he had first adopted Collette, he received a letter from Beauxbatons academy that was to Collette. He replied saying she was not interested, even though Collette knew nothing of the letter. When she entered her teens, the relationship with her adopter got rocky. Finally, he got fed up with her and contacted the Academy asking if she could transfer in. Thankfully, they said yes and now here she is. She dreads the summer, though, because her adopter became abusive and she HATES HIS GUTS!!!!!!!!\

Collette is a half-blood.

Background Info
Hometown Paris, France
Type of Childhood Suckish
Most Important Childhood Event Death of her parents
Religious Views None.
Earliest Memory
Family Info
Mother Juliet Alexandrine
Father Luc Alexandrine
Siblings None
Eye Colour Red
Hair Colour Red
Height Five foot six inches
Weight 97 lbs.
Nationality French
Native Language French
Ethnicity French
Accent French
Handedness Left
Eye Sight Perfect
Languages Spoken French, English, Greek, Latin
Health Status Good
Abilities Magic, sword-fighting, bow shooting, staff fighting, various other things
Distinguishing Marks Tattoo around her left eye, a scar on her left eye
Body Style Athletic — like a swimmer

General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames Dark Flame
Current Location Beauxbatons Academy
Pets None
Likes Her favorite foods, fire, fighting, magic, cooking, reading
Dislikes Asparagus, sauerkraut, brussel sprouts
Fears SPIDERS!!!!! The people she loves getting hurt
Hobbies Reading, drawing, cooking
Person They Secretly Admire ...
Most Influenced By Her mother
Most Important Person Before Academy Her mother
Most Important Person Now ...
Immediate Goals ...
Long Term Goals ...

Vices Unknown
Bad Habits Cracks knuckles
Sleeping Habits Light sleeper

Dream Job Architect
Current Job None

Colour Blue
Music Anything. Preferably alternative rock.
Food COFFEE!!!! Mexican, Italian, Greek, OLIVES!!!! Croissants with honey, CHEESE!!!
Animal Grey wolf
Book A Separate Peace

Skills Close-quarter combat
Weapon of Choice Ancient-style Chinese jian (aka her sword)
Strengths Magic, weapon-fighting, her mind. Always speaks her thoughts. Will do anything for her friends.
Weaknesses Always speaks her thoughts. This can be dangerous. Will do anything for the people she cares about.
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 0

General Personality

Courageous, brainiac-smart, wise for her age, never lets a wrong go un-avenged, compassionate, mostly introverted, kind, mostly clearheaded, darkly humorous. Loyal to a faultgood leadership skills. She is an excellent freind to have, but a horrible one to lose. Very deep with her thoughts. Fiery temper. Assertive.

Reacts to a Crisis? Keeps her head and reacts with speed
Face Their Problems? Depends. Some with force, others with words, some with thought
Reacts to Change? Depends on the change.en Generally very well.

Attitude Warm
Personality Assertive, loyal, kind, moody, hot-headed, creative. A temper as fiery as her hair.
Social Skills outgoing, assertive
Mannerisms nose twitches when something angers her
Peculiarities very perceptive of others' emotions

One Word to Describe Loyal
Best Physical Trait Strength/speed
Worst Physical Trait Mouth
Things to Change About Self WIP
Mental State Healthy
Mental/Emotional Disorders A slight case of recurrent memories in the form of nightmares (she has has a traumatic past)
Emotional Stability Decent, but she feels every emotion to the maximum.