This is an official policy on the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Roleplay Wiki.

It should be followed by all editors.


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Quest/Mission Policy

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In our endeavor to make our wikia a secure and safe place to roleplay, we ask all members to act in an appropriate and mature manner. Warnings and bans will be given if needed.


Quests are opportunities for memebers to earn more points to level up. They allow all members of any user level to join. Also, members of a user level higher than Level Five has the opportunity to create their own quest by requesting  it in this forum. Once approved, all members are able to join the quest.

  • Members of all user levels or house may be able to join these quests. 
  • No outside information can be accessed while partaking in the quest.
  • Users are only able to join four quests at a time.
  • Before making a quest request, please make sure you have at least six members supporting it.
  • You must stay in character at all time.
  • You may only roleplay one character. 
  • If no one contributes to the quest for more than fourteen days, it will be on the verge of deletion. 


Missions are basically like quests, however they have a bit more rules. Only members of a certain user level is  able to join. They are more secluded and are only created by admins.

  • You have to be a certain level to partake in the mission.
  • If no one contributes to the quest for more than three weeks, it will be on the verge of deletion.