This is an official policy on the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Roleplay Wiki.

It should be followed by all editors.


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In our endeavor to make our wikia a secure and safe place to roleplay, we ask all members to act in an appropriate and mature manner. Warnings and bans will be given if needed.

General Rules

  • The use of vulgar language will not be permitted in the premisses of this wikia. If necessary, please refrain from using mass cursing. 
  • Harassment or bullying of another member will not be permitted. 
  • Engaging in any spamming or flooding of explicit or general content. 
  • Do not make personal attacks about beliefs, gender, sexuality and race. 
  • Threats of mutiny, death or violence will not be accepted.
  • You must be over thirteen according to the COPPA act. Please note that you will be banned and blocked if proven guilty of breaking this rule. We just want all of our members to stay safe. 
  • Please assume good faith and display good cyber etiquette. 
  • Please don't deal with disagreements with other users on chat. If needed, you may contact an admin to resolve the issue. 
  • Please do aid any issues without being bias if there aren't any admins or chat moderators online. 
  • In order to be able to chat, a user must have a claimed and sorted character. If not, please create one and then come back to chat with us. 


  • Users who break the above rules will have to deal with consequences. Punishments may include a simple warning, kick or ban. If the act was severe, admins and chat moderators will deal with it. The type and length will depend on whether it was a small or large act defiance. If three strikes are given during a course of one chat session, the offender will be given a kick and so forth. If needed, admins and chat moderators may give a permanent ban.
  • Chat moderators may give out bans using this template. They should leave it on their message wall issuing the type, reason, length and date issued. 
  • If one believes that it is unjustified, he or she may speak to the admin or chat moderator about the ordeal, but make sure to bring evidence to back it up. 

Chat Moderators-

  • These members are given the privilege to adequatly ban or kick any member(s) breaking the above rules. They're qualified members who are trusted to enforce the rules to the best of their abilities. 
  • Any moderators proven guilty of abusing their power will be stripped of their privilege. If seen, please contact an administrator and take a screen shot. Admins will gather during a meeting and discuss whether he or she's rights should be removed.